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Sorry for the absence from the blogging, I have started my job with Sony in Park Ridge and have been very busy! I will be adding a new section to my Blog about working with Sony and a seperate personal blog about testing out equipment and making shorts and documentaries!


Satechi Intervalometer

Coming home to Boston is great for multiple reasons: family, friends, and my big nice bed. But most importantly home is where most of my new camera equipment gets shipped to after ordering.

Two weeks ago while setting up for an epic timelapse of a busy part of my school, I realized that my intervalometer was not working properly with my 7D. After close inspection I found that the cord that connects it to the camera was somehow not working. After trying for days to contact the people I bought it from with no luck, I decided to order a new one from a new company.

After some research I discovered that the Satechi $60 Int. was a great substitution for the much more expensive Canon model. It turns out to have the same functions as the canon, and is very reliable.

It arrived yesterday, and I have been hard at work doing multiple timelapses of our house in the woods of MA. The sky is so nicely lit and every star is visible. I will be making a short video this week that has multiple different timelapse’s of the area near my house to put on my vimeo.

New Short Video of the Week!

Hey all, I thought I would go out and shoot some nature shots this week with the 7D. Unfortunately I broke my IndiSlider in the process. Hope you enjoy!

“A Long Way Traveled” Trailer!

“A Long Way Traveled” trailer now up!

This is the new trailer for my first documentary entitled “A Long Way Home.”

This was my first time using both my Rode Mic and ND Fader on set! Both proved to be crucial and amazing. The Rode mic could not be easier to use/set up, and the ND fader allowed the outside exterior shots to look smooth without messing with the camera setting due to excess light.

Thanks to Mabry for helping out so much! Overall, it was a great day, and I had the great please to work with the people of the town/community.

IndiSLIDER Mini Review

The IndiSLIDER mini by studio 4 productions is a low cost 24″ glide track with some serious skills. With a price of around $100, it is a must for the indie filmmakers or even a great second glide track for professionals. The short “Melbourne 7D” that I shot was an example of the IndiSLIDER out of the box.

Set up is only about 5 minutes. The only thing you really need to do is screw the legs into the track, luckily the tools to do so come with the package.

I called and spoke with Tim from studio 4 productions, (aka indiSYSTEMS) and he told me about some exciting new DSLR rigs that they are releasing in the next few months. Mixing low price with durability is their goal, and the new rig will supposedly have a matte box, follow focus, and rail system.


Fader Nd Filter-Coming Tuesday!

I just ordered the 72mm Fader ND Filter by lightcraftworkshops( This little guy is only about $100 and is a great neutral density filter as “you can change the ND from ND2 to ND400 (1 stop to 8 stops of light reduction) at anytime.” Pretty common for almost any DSLR shooter out there, thought the reviews and test looked great so why not buy one!