Canon 35mm f/2 lens review!

It was 2 p.m. on a saturday. I found myself peering into the glass display case at my local camera store, two lenses staring right back at me. The 50mm and 35 mm canon lenses never looked so good as they did at that moment. There was one problem however; I only have enough money for one of them. Just like a kid standing at the counter of a Cold Stone, my breath was beginning to fog the glass.

So why did I choose the 35mm? This little gem is worth every penny for beginners who want the wide angle look with sharp colors and contrast. The price is low for a canon lens ($300 range) and it has quickly become my go-to lens for video. Light, sturdy, and almost the same as the much more expensive  “L” series.

I was looking for something that was cheap and effective, and after much research this seemed to be the one for me. For the short documentary I am shooting next friday,(the 16th) this lens will be perfect for interviews and some wide exterior shots.


7D First Test

Here is a video I shot to show some natural light shots with the Canon EOS 7D.

I wanted to show was the power/quality of even the stock lens that came with the package.(18-135mm f/ 2.5-5.6)

What an amazing camera, easy set up, easy uploading. Camera can be found at BHphotovideo for around $1700(Body only)